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We offer several repair services at a competetive price. Our customer service is second to none.


Wheel Alignment

Using our new, State of the art, Flush mount Hunter alignment rack and Hawkeye Alignment machine, we are able to align your wheels back to factory specification. Your tires last longer and your vehicle will drive down the road better.

Wheel Straightening

Using our Bee Line wheel press, modified with hydraulic rams, along with other specialized tools, we can straighten most bends caused by potholes and other obstructions. We correct your wheel so that it is vibration free and safe to use.

Curb Damage

The process for repairing curb damage varies based on the severity of the damage, and the finish of the wheel. Generally, material is removed as uniformally as possible until the damaged area is no longer visible. Then we paint, polish or machine the repaired portion to resemble the factory finish. 

Wheel Paint

We take our time to ensure that our paint color closely matches the original finish. Using a base and clear coat, we provide superior finish and durability. We use only top of the line, PPG products, including Acrylic Urethane paints and Epoxy primers.


Gouging that is deep, or areas of the wheel where the integrety has been compromised, need to be welded. The damaged area is cleaned of contaminants and prepaired for welding. Using an Inverter TIG welder, we ensure that the weld penetrates completely and cleanly. This provides a finished weld that is incredably strong and safe.

Wheel Sealing

Some wheels over time can cause you to loose tire pressure. Chrome wheels in paticular, will develope corrosion in the bead area due to the dissimilar metals. This corrosion must be removed, and a protective coating applied to the bead area to seal the aluminum, preventing future corrosion. 3 Piece wheels are also known to leak air. Over time, vibration, heat expansion and sometimes neglect can cause the seal to loose it's integrety. The old seal must be completely removed, the substrate thoroughly cleaned, and new sealant carefully applied and cured.

Tire Service

Utilizing a new, state of the art tire changer, we have the capacity to dismount and mount tires on rims up to 28". Our calibrated Coats balancer, along with our careful balancing procedures, provide a balance that we guarantee will be vibration free.

Caliper Paint

Dramatically change the look of your vehicle by having us paint your calipers. We use a 3 step chemical cleaning process. Calipers are scuffed and then degreased one last time. An adhesion promoter is applied followed by multiple coats of ceramic paint. For an additional cost, we can even do custom colors, such as matching your vehicle color. 

CNC Lathe Machining

Using our State of the Art CNC Lathe, we can repair and match machined wheels, giving you that brilliant diamond cut finish. We can also use the lathe to customize your wheels. Our lathe will machine up to 26" wheels.

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